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Deanship of Student Affairs

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About Deanship
The Deanship of Student Affairs was established from the beginning of the founding of the university with the issuance of Higher Education Council Resolution No. 20/39/1426 AH, and Royal Approval No. (2921/MB) dated 04/12/1427 AH. The deanship consists of a group of departments concerned with the affairs of male and female students at the university. The Deanship of Student Affairs has been established as an independent deanship since the launch of the Young University of Hail, taking into account the great responsibility placed on everyone’s shoulders towards this great scientific edifice, and providing them with services that would create the appropriate academic atmosphere. It offers a number of quarterly programs and various activities that aim to activate students’ culture, expand their awareness, help them acquire useful knowledge and experiences, accustom them to social participation, confirm their belonging to their homeland, give them the opportunity to engage in activities compatible with their inclinations and talents, and provide them with many diverse skills and values. Healthy positivity.
The Deanship of Student Affairs is concerned with male and female students and takes care of them and undertakes their various activities by contributing to their preparation educationally, socially, culturally and athletically in order to consolidate Islamic principles and values in their souls and provide them with reasons for comfort and psychological stability.

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