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Deanship of Information Technology and E-Learning

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About Deanship

​The Deanship of Information Technology is one of the important supporting deanships at the university. It was established immediately after the issuance of Higher Education Council Resolution No. 18/58/1431 AH on 2/18/1431 AH, and Royal Approval No. (2487/MB) on 3/14/1431 AH, and represents The deanship is the main nucleus for disseminating technology throughout the university, and its backbone is to localize and keep pace with modern technologies due to the various artistic and technical capabilities available in it that can provide an advanced academic environment supported by modern technologies, and is based on keeping pace with the times and the rapid development in the field of information technology, and providing all sectors of the university with services related to transactions. Electronic services, and the provision of operating and maintenance systems for computer laboratories. The Deanship is also keen to provide its electronic services to university employees, relevant departments, and society at an increasing pace in terms of quantity and quality, with the aim of providing continuous service with international standards to its customers. It also seeks to obtain an advanced information center immediately after the availability Necessary financing. In addition, the Deanship has provided technical support to all university employees and students, in addition to re-engineering traditional procedures with software systems that automate transactions, developing the communication mechanism among university members, and building effective learning experiences based on student participation to achieve the necessary learning outcomes and develop Their skills, and the deanship is also rushing to implement some electronic systems, and begin testing other systems, as well as waiting for new systems. Either they are in the development stage, or they are awaiting funding under the will of the university administration and the deanship of information technology and e-learning.

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