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College Academic Programs

Academic programs

College academic programmes

​The College of Health Sciences for Boys was established in the Hijri year 1424, in response to the region’s need for a specialized body that grants diploma degrees to its graduates of trained technicians. In 1426, the Health Institute for Girls was transformed into a college that grants associate degrees in health sciences. 

With the inclusion of the college in the Hijri year 1429 under the banner of the University of Hail, the directives of His Excellency the University President were accompanied by diligent follow-up to rapidly advance the academic level of the scientific departments and advance them by adopting the application of the highest quality standards, such as equipping nursing laboratories in their various specializations with the latest devices produced by prestigious companies. High standards, attracting the elite of faculty and training staff to ensure the highest level of quality and ultimately achieving highly efficient educational outcomes, scientifically and training, that support the nursing staff in the region and advance the profession to compete with graduates of leading universities. One of the results of the unlimited support was the transformation of diploma programs into a program that grants a bachelor’s degree in nursing sciences. A short time later, the Nursing Bridging Program was established, which attracted many diploma holders from various regions of the Kingdom, and placed the University of Hail among the ranks of universities that manage these programs with efficiency that is referred to as excellence. In a rare precedent, graduates of distinguished men and women were attracted as teaching assistants at the college, and the doors were opened for them to join graduate programs inside and outside the Kingdom to obtain master’s and doctorate degrees in various nursing sciences. To complete the journey, the partnership with the training authorities in the Ministry of Health was strengthened with a group of trainers with dual duties and services, training our students on the one hand and providing patients with various nursing services at the highest standards. 

With the establishment of the College of Nursing based on the Royal Decree approving the restructuring of the College of Associated Sciences for Boys and the College of Health Sciences for Girls affiliated with the University of Hail in 1432 AH, the Diploma Program in Nursing was transformed into a Bachelor’s Program in Nursing Sciences. 

Programs offered by the College of Nursing 

-​ Undergr​​aduate programs: 

  • Bachelor of Sciences in Nursing Program 
  • Bachelor of Science in Midwifery Program  

​- Postgraduate Programs: 

  • Master of Adult Critical Care Nursing 
  • Master of Primary Care Nursing ​