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Department of Public Health

The Public Health Department aims to achieve leadership in the fields of public health to work through specialists to qualify strong national competencies for health support and scientific research support, as it is based on scientific foundations on providing free knowledge and skills to volunteers to qualify them as technicians and health monitors in the field of public health and other health fields, and they worked to Raising the level of health quality, participating in the 2030 Academy follow-up section by professors and co-workers in order to improve its educational and service outcomes to keep pace with the vision of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia 2030 by graduating specialists armed with knowledge, skills, and scientific community work that contribute to the health of women and individuals, services, and residents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia through improving Raising community awareness of healthy lifestyles by providing new health advice to the community from a scientific standpoint that contributes to developing potential solutions to health challenges facing the development of quality of life. The department looks forward to the Kingdom's vision (2030), which it relies on in cognitive scientific education for society. The department also specializes in developing some intermediate study programs, such as the Executive Master’s in Public Health, which will, in addition to supporting our dear nation with highly qualified graduates, keep pace with the requirements of scientific and technical work and contribute in turn to the advancement of this lofty nation.

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