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Scientific Research

     Research priorities in various medical specialties at the College of Medicine

     1- Priorities in chronic non-communicable diseases:
           • Anxiety disorders
           • Obesity
           • Diabetes
           • High blood pressure
           • Genetic disorders
           • Genomic studies
           • Precision medicine

      2. Priorities in infectious diseases:
           • Priority programs for infectious epidemic diseases:
           • Developing programs designed to manage disease outbreaks and crises (such as Covid-19).
          • Food safety programs in cases of foodborne disease outbreaks
         • Advances in medical biotechnology and nanotechnology
         • Genome-based surveillance of antimicrobial resistance problems

     3. Initiatives to promote public health to increase lifespan according to Vision 2030, including:
         o Mass gathering medicine
         o Health informatics and e-health
         o Health education
        o Children and women’s health
        o Adolescent health
        o Mental health