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Academic Programs

Academic programs

College Academic Programs

​​Study at the university is based on courses and credit hours. The appendices to these regulations show the study programs, the distribution of their compulsory and elective courses over the different stages of study, the number of credit hours for each course, as well as the distribution of courses as a typical model among the four levels of study from the first level to the fourth level, as well as a description of the content of each course. . • Each university college determines the scientific content of the academic courses and a decision is issued approving them by the dean of the college in light of the continuous updating of the academic curricula in accordance with the new additions in technological sciences. The scientific content of any course may not be amended except after it has taught at least three semesters and the scientific content is reviewed by specialized committees each. A period not exceeding five years. To obtain a bachelor's degree, the student must study a number of courses equivalent to the number of credit hours specified in the internal study regulations for each college at the university. At the beginning of each semester, the student chooses the courses he will study during that semester from among the courses offered by the college, and is assisted by the academic advisor in that, in accordance with the rules for registering courses decided by the university. The student is not considered registered until the tuition fees are paid.​​