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Sustainable Development/ Good Health and Well-Being


   University of Hail is preparing health care professionals to meet the demand on the Saudi health care system to provide better healthcare facilities to the rapidly increasing Saudi population as well as the growing elderly population.
     - The university of Hail has six colleges in the field of health sciences that offers more than 23 academic undergraduate and postgraduate programs. Graduate from those helps in improving the health of the society.
     - There is universal health coverage, including financial risk protection, access to quality essential health-care services and access to safe, effective, quality, and affordable essential medicines and vaccines for all the employees.
     - During the COVID-19 pandemic, the university open their clinics to provide vaccine for the public free of cost.

   The University of Hail is committed to be a leading research institution and to providing support to teaching staff to improve the research environment of productivity, creativity and knowledge. Ministry of Higher Education is offering 
   support to the university, since its establishment, to achieve considerable progress in the field of scientific research. Some of the most-prominent research achievements of the university includes:​
     - Launching scientific chairs programs which serve the needs of the community. The university allocate funds to scientific research projects through these scientific chairs.
     - The university has established 12 research chairs sponsored by private donors.
     - Implementing postgraduate programs is one of the important priorities of the University. UOH is offering many post-graduate programs to meet the need of the community alumni to complete their post-graduate studies. 
     - University is offering the financial support to the deserving post-graduate research projects.
     - University of Hail is one of the best in scientific research in Saudi Arabia as well in the world, in terms of FWCI in medical research.