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Sustainable Development/ Life Below Water

   Life below the water and life on the land SDGs are considered two important goals for the University of Hail. These two goals ensure a safe and healthy life for current and future generations. The University of Hail has several programs and initiatives to achieve these two goals. 
   The renewable energy engineering program is an undergraduate program that contains 134 credits aims to graduate ambassadors for the environment to increase the awareness and importance of renewable energy and sustainability. In addition, renewable energy engineers 
   are an essential factor to support the passionate goal of Saudi Arabia to produce half of its electricity from renewable energy sources by 2030. 

   Saudi Green Initiative aims to plant 10 billion trees, +30% of the Saudi land is protected, including marine and coastal ecosystems, and 50% of the energy capacity comes from renewables. The University of Hail is aligned with this goal and published 
   the University Green initiative to increase the green area of the University, helping the country achieve its passionate goal, consequently contributing to the sustainable development goals of the United Nations. 

   The University Green Initiative: