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Sustainable Development/ Gender Equality


   Ending all discrimination against women and girls is not only a basic human right, it’s crucial for sustainable future; it’s proven that empowering women and girls helps economic growth and development. 
   It is vital to give women equal rights land and property, sexual and reproductive health, and to technology and the internet. Today there are more women in public office than ever before, 
   but encouraging more women leaders will help achieve greater gender equality.

   The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia affirms the vital importance of the role women play in development, and endeavors to invest her energies and activating her essential role at the local and international levels. 
   Moreover, as part of the Kingdom’s strategic Vision 2030, women have been set a comprehensive goal for increasing their contribution to the labor market, retaining her rights in the health and education sectors, 
   in unison with the fifth goal of the sustainable development goals. University of Ha’il promoting gender equality and women empowerment.

     - Equity of opportunity policy has been adopted by the University. It monitors the implementation, improvement, and development of the policy regularly.
     - Recruitment standards are applied equally to both female and male sections and are represented in the formed recruitment committees.
     - Gender equality in recruitment and appointments at the university.
     - The University offers equal opportunity of professional development for staff members male female. Training courses and workshops are held under the same topics simultaneously.
     - The distribution of work between the male and female sections of the program Assigning a vice dean for female section to coordinate with male section for the daily operations to ensure consistency between both sections regarding learning resources, facilities, staffing, etc.
     - Assigning of a female staff member to be assistant of program quality coordinator for female section to ensure that all evaluations, surveys, reports are considering both sections separately and collectively.
     - n addition, all courses, headed by respective course coordinators, involve all concerned female staffs in their course committees to ensure optimum coordination and participation in course planning, implementation and reporting from both (male and female) 
       section’s perspective and to ensure equity between both sections and assigning of a female staff member to be assistant of course coordinator for each courses to ensure uniform implementation of all learning teaching activities in both sections.
     - Female staff members are represented in auditing committee to ensure the same course contents, implementation, assessment, and evaluations in both sections.
     - Female staff were represented in almost all quality related committees including self-study committee/standards committees, internal audit, student assessment and other committees to ensure equity between sections.