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Sustainable Development/ Climate Action

   Global warming is causing long-lasting changes to our climate system, which threatens irreversible consequences if we do not act. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has launched several programs for climate changes mitigation, including energy efficiency, 
   diversification of renewable energy sources, CO2 separation, storage and utilization technologies, exploitation of natural gas, and methane recovery and gas-flaring reduction. One of the most ambitious initiatives in the modern history is the Saudi initiative 
   of Green middle east that aims to improve the climate in the region. 

   The University of Hail strives to contribute to this ambitious initiative by increasing awareness about it. Further, the university has started its own initiative in this direction that aims to ensure green campus, even though it is in the dessert. 

   University of Hail is showing its responsibility to prepare students and community to actively contribute to the adaptation to climate change. (Links to SDG 7 & SDG 17)

     - The University of Hail is involved in research and teaching on renewable energy and climate change.

     - Research grants were offered by the University of Hail for renewable energy research.

     - The College of Engineering is offering Bachelor of Science in Renewable Energy Engineering. 

     - The university created an Energy Efficiency Unit - EEU for energy data collection and analysis, improving energy efficiency measures and informing the university members about the awareness of rationalizing consumption. 

     - Seminars & workshops to increase the awareness of energy deficiency and importance of best utilization of energy resources . 

     - Initiative “Green Hail University” (SDG 17)