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The president of Hail University welcomed the Ambassador of Jordan to the Kingdom.

2/27/2024 10:00:00 AM

Dr. Rashid bin Muslat Al-Sharif, the President of Hail University, received the Jordanian Ambassador to the Kingdom, Dr. Haitham Abu Al-Foul, who is visiting the region. The meeting, held on the morning of Tuesday, 17 Sha'ban 1445 H, corresponding to February 27, 2024, was attended by various university officials, including Dr. Abdulaziz bin Rashid Al-Amro, the President's advisor, Dr. Zaid bin Mahlhal Al-Shammari, the Vice President for Academic Affairs, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Salem Al-Ghamdi, and Dr. Ghazi bin Abdullah Al-Baqawi, the Vice President of the University. During the meeting, several topics were discussed.

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