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A delegation of Shura Council members meets with officials from the Hail Development Authority and reviews university educational services.

2/20/2024 10:00:00 AM

A delegation from the specialized committees of the Shura Council, led by Council member Mohammed bin Rashid Al-Humaidi, currently visiting the Hail region, met with the CEO of the Hail Development Authority, Omar Al-Abduljabbar, and several officials at the authority's headquarters. During the meeting, the officials at the Development Authority presented an overview of their efforts in developing the region, ongoing projects, developmental initiatives, goals, and governance model. The Shura Council delegation inquired about the authority's performance in developing the Hail region, and the CEO provided answers to their questions. The Shura Council delegation also met with the President of Hail University, Dr. Rashid bin Muslat Al-Sharif, along with university officials, deans, supporting faculties, faculty members, and students from various colleges and disciplines. The meeting included a review of the university's educational services, contributions to elevating educational outcomes, connecting graduates to the job market, and its educational and training roles. Council members raised questions related to the university's operations, and university officials provided responses. The Shura Council delegation also presented an overview of the Shura Council and its legislative and oversight roles. The delegation toured the university facilities, including college buildings, classrooms, the research lab at the College of Medicine, and the administrative tower. The Council delegation comprised members of specialized committees, including Mohammed Al-Humaidi, Dr. Asmaa Al-Muweishir, Dr. Khairan Rajab, Ra'eda Abunayan, Dr. Suleiman Al-Faifi, Dr. Aaliyah Alduhaili, Brigadier Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Harbi, Abdullah bin Aifan, Dr. Abdullah Al-Najjar, Dr. Fahd Al-Takheefi, Dr. Fahd Al-Tayashi, Dr. Faisal Tamaehi, Dr. Mutaib Al-Mutairi, Dr. Hattan Tamraz, Dr. Haifa Al-Shammari, and several officials from the Council.

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