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Hail University celebrates Foundation Day.

2/20/2024 9:00:00 AM

Today, Hail University launched programs and events in celebration of its "Foundation Day," with the presence of the university's president, Dr. Rashid bin Muslat Al-Sharif, at the university campus. The university's events, organized by the Student Affairs Deanship, included aspects of Saudi culture depicting the nation's formation and stages of development. The celebration featured various programs and activities such as "First Saudi Flag, Saudi Ardah dance, Saudi Museum, Saudi Coffee, Saudi Attire, Palm Tree, Falconry, Arabian Horses, Market, Council, and Folk Arts." Additionally, foundation day competitions for students were held with prizes for the winning positions, including contests like "Saudi Attire, Saudi Coffee, Saudi Cooking, and National Drawings," participated in by university students. The celebration of "Foundation Day" reflects the university's acknowledgment of the significance of this occasion, aiming to familiarize students with the day and encourage them to express their patriotic sentiments. The events witnessed significant participation and attendance from university officials, college deans, supporting deanships, faculty members, staff, and students alike.

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