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University Vice Presidency for Development and Business

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University Agency for Development and Business
​The University Vice Presidency for Academic Development and Community Service represents an important element and a cornerstone of the university due to its direct relationship to evaluation and development, and its endeavor to work diligently to contribute to raising the level of performance within the university to the highest levels of quality and mastery, and to enable it to achieve all quality requirements and standards. The agency is also concerned with anticipating the future of the university in response to the aspirations of the rulers who support the process of higher education in this dear country, and taking into account the needs of the local community and a continuous effort to develop the capabilities of its children in various fields, and in harmony with global development in the field of higher education. Therefore, the agency is constantly working on preparing the ​The university’s strategic plans, informed by general trends in light of the university’s vision and mission.​​​