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Vice Rectorate for Academic Affairs

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The University of Hail has been meant since its establishment in the year 2005 AD, in the academic process in its various aspects, and the University Agency for Academic Affairs has worked since its inception that the student is the focus of the educational process, so I was keen to provide a distinguished educational environment for students, and seeks to develop knowledge and promote innovation and creativity in different Academic fields, and offer various educational programs in various disciplines.

The university has witnessed remarkable growth in the number of colleges and academic programs offered, and includes many colleges, including health colleges (6 colleges), engineering and scientific colleges (5 colleges), and humanitarian colleges (3 colleges). These colleges offer many developed academic programs at the Bachelor's and Associate Diploma levels at the Applied College, and many programs are developed annually in accordance with the university's plan, in accordance with the requirements of the labor market and contribute to achieving the Kingdom's Vision 2030 and achieve sustainable development and the goals of the Human Capacity Development Program.

The agency of Academic Affairs works to continue its vital role in ensuring the university's success in achieving its academic goals, as the agency is considered a cornerstone of the university's educational landscape, and focuses mainly on the vital role it plays in teaching and learning processes, and promotes the practices of teamwork, creativity, development, innovation and initiative in all aspects. Educational and academic, as the agency is committed to providing a supportive and stimulating academic environment for all programs, colleges, and university employees, male and female students, through continuous coordination and cooperation with supporting colleges and deanships. The agency is committed to achieving the necessary requirements for academic accreditation for all programs in colleges, and it also works professionally to provide strong support systems for students and members. Faculty and other beneficiaries, in order to establish an attractive and stimulating academic environment.​

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