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Sustainable Development/ Zero Hunger

Dow​nload D​ocumenta​tion​ 2023              
   The government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia works to ensure food security at the local and global levels. Saudi is considered one of the major countries that contribute to anti-hunger programs. 
   The kingdom also aims to increase the proportion of the contribution of the agricultural sector in the whole country to the domestic product, push the wheel of economic development, and diversify 
   the agricultural production base of the national vision of Saudi 2030. In order to keep these efforts and directions of the Saudi Arabia towards eliminating hunger, its universities, including the University of Hail, 
​   have prepared a research map related to food security. 

   The University provides a number of initiatives and programs that contribute to the eradication of hunger as the following:

     - University Central restaurant is available for all students and offer food with acceptable prices.
     - he university provides meals to students living at university housing
     - Construct small cafeterias in most colleges to serve food and beverages in the Boys and Girls Colleges complex at reasonable prices.
     - The university combats desertification and preserving land through the adoption of the Hail University planting project, which is located on the main campus (Green University).

   The university through its community partnership and volunteering work try to increase awareness and encourage people of ensure zero hunger in our globe. The UoH provides support for a research project that aims for Zero hunger in the globe. 
   The volunteering department at the university usually runs campaign to provide. meals for needed people especially in the holy month of Ramadan. The University of Hai’l offers an academic program in Heath nutrients, 
   it provides research activities and initiatives for improving the nutrition for the society.