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Sustainable Development/ Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

   The University of Hail conducts all needed actions to distribute the culture of peace, justice and governance among all stakeholders at the university in which these actions will participate to have a positive impact on society as a whole. 
   The university has its central three coroners: education, research and community service. These three areas are highly designed with the consideration of justice, peace and governance.

     - Graduate attributes of students at the university level participate to graduate students with professional characteristics that enhance students’ respect of various values in society. This is highly achieved through the courses of the university 
       requirements to assure that the university graduates have the same values. In these courses, students study peace in Islam to assure the moderation in dealing with different cultures or values.

     - The university has conducted several lectures and workshops about denying extremism. 

     - The Deanship of the Scientific Research has conducted various competitions for research groups that are interested in the area of peace and denying extremism.

     - Students’ participation to visit other clutters and countries. The university motivates intellectual students to open to other cultures and societies by providing educational trips to several international countries such as Japan, France and United Kingdom.

     - The University of Hail opens the scholarship for international students to join its programs.

     - At the end of each academic year, each faculty members and leaderships are evaluated by his/her direct manager. In this evaluation, the manager takes into consideration all activities and achievements of the academic member such as courses have been taught, 
       production of research and serving the community.

     - Genders at the University of Hail have equal opportunities at all levels including salary ranking, facilities and resources.

     - The existence of clear policy and regulation regarding the grievance.

     - and leaders selection. The leaders at all levels of the university (including department, college, and university) are democratically selected through a clear procedure which is announced to all faculty members through the university website and official e-mail of academic staff.

     - The university has academic integrity guide. The university has followed several actions to activate this policy. It is distributed to all academic departments at the university, published in the website of the university, and presented to all new stakeholders when they join 
       the university. To assure the activation of the policy, the unit of measurement ad evaluation conducts periodical surveys on implementing the policy. Moreover, the university provides several workshops on integrity for undergraduate and postgraduate students. 
       UoH has held conferences regarding integrity in Academia at the Saudi context.

     - Construct effective partnership with local institutions to facilitate the distribution of academic integrity.

     - All research participations at the University of Hail are governed through clear policy and regulations that should be followed by researchers at the university. The policy and regulations guarantee the preserve the rights of all parties. 
       They cover the rights and duties of researchers, society, safety and security, ethical approvals, and rules of using animals and plants in research.