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Intro About University

The University of Hail is a Saudi university located in the city of Hail in the north of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Its establishment dates back to the noble Royal Decree, issued on Tuesday 30 Jumada al-Akhir 1426 AH corresponding to June 7 2005 AD, to be a beacon of pioneering scientific, intellectual and cultural radiance in the region and to be one of the most important pillars Modern renaissance in the Kingdom.​

The university launched its second strategic plan (2024-2028), which built its ambitious vision and lofty mission on investing in the human capabilities available to it, preserving it, and doubling its competitive ability to achieve creativity in scientific research and academic excellence among its competitors, to improve and advance the university education system to ensure its quality, and based on eight strategic goals that are drawn up. Its values and scientific and institutional approach are at the forefront of a competitive graduate, then an innovative researcher, then sustainable resources, then an attractive and supportive environment, in addition to institutional excellence, digital transformation and an effective society, and finally solid values for building a conscious and responsible national character.

Through these goals, the university’s second strategic plan was keen to align with the goals of Saudi Vision 2030, and the strategic plan also focused on keeping pace and developing with the new university system. The plan was keen to be an active partner in building and developing human capabilities and providing them with distinguished qualifications and competencies in knowledge, skill and thought. This plan bears the slogan “Our capabilities are our future.”​



Local and regional leadership in dissemination knowledge, research excellence, and sustainable community partnership



​Providing academic programs to prepare qualified graduates for the labor market, and producing scientific research that serves the community by applying the highest quality standards and benefiting from the university's human and t​echnical resources to reach the knowledge society​

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Accreditations and Awards


The university obtained more than 35 institutional and program accreditations, and in 2023 the university was ranked among the best 351 universities in the world, and ranked 111th in the Arab world. The number of university researchers also increased to eight researchers on the list of the American Stanford University, which includes 2% of the world’s most distinguished scholars. Cited in various disciplines.

It includes various health, scientific, engineering and humanities specializations at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels, which are offered through 14 colleges:

  1.  Medicine 
  2. Dentistry 
  3.  Pharmacy 
  4.  Science 
  5.  Applied Medical Sciences
  6.  Public Health and Health Informatics
  7. ​ Nursing 
  8.  Engineering 
  9. Computer Science and Engineering
  10. Management Business
  11. Education
  12. Arts and Literature
  13. Sharia and Law​
  14. Applied​

(Medicine - Dentistry - Pharmacy - Science - Applied Medical Sciences - Public Health and Health Informatics - Nursing - Engineering - Computer Science and Engineering - Management Business - Education - Arts and Literature - Sharia and Law - Applied).

It should be noted that the primary language of the University of Hail is English for health, scientific, and engineering specializations, while for humanitarian programs, the language of instruction is Arabic.​