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​​Dr. Hatem ​Gasmi has more than 10 years experience in Geotechnical Engineering and scientific research and has contributed to nearly 20 projects as an engineer (Deep foundation, soil reinforcement, Marine structures…)

He has his master in 2007 and has occupied an Assistant position at the department of Civil Engineering at National superior school of engineering of Tunis (ENSIT​) in 2011. In 2014 he has his Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. Then he becomes an Associate Professor at National superior school of engineering of Tunis (ENIT​) since 2015, where he is currently Director of Department Process Engineering.

He is currently as an Associate Professor of Civil Engineering at College of Engineering​University of Hail in Saudi Arabia since 2016.

His research interest in the experimental and numerical studies of rock mechanic and Geotechnical. He is currently member of the laboratory “Geotechnical Engineering Research​” under the direction of Prof. Mounir Bouassida.

He is also secretary-general of Tunisian Society of Rock Mechanics “ATMR​”, Member of International Society of Rock Mechanics “ISRM​” and Member Tunisian Society of Soil Mechanics “ATMS​”.

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