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General Supervisor's Message

University of Hail has established a General Supervising Management Office at the female students’ campus. It is expected to provide a wide range of services to both students and the campus’ staff. In order to bring the best service perpetually to the campus community, several departments have been established and interrelated into this office to ensure and reassure a high quality of service to the campus inclusively. These departments are catagorized as operation and maintenance unit, Media and public relations unit, warehouses, safety and security department and earlier childhood educational center.

It is worth mentioning that the university higher management has been very effective  and made every conceivable effort to establish this management office, to pursuing its mission, objectives and promote education at the female students’ campus. This consequently shall lead to the highest international level of excellence, however, having such office is also assisted by high qualified and proficient staff to offer a better performance that could help in simplifying the learning environment. Successively, a modern educational technology environment would be available in the classrooms, safeguard the campus’ facilities, which would finally guarantee safety and security to the campus members.

 General Supevisor of Girls' Branch

Dr. Hanan Salem Al Amer

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