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About the College
The core of this college was the Intermediate College for teachers preparation, which was established in 1403H in the region of Hail, to prepare and train teachers, and it carried various names, including The Intermediate College, and the Teachers College, and was affiliated with the Agency for Teachers Colleges of the Ministry of Education. The College granted an educational diploma and bachelor’s degree in education in various disciplines including Quranic studies, Islamic studies, Arabic language, English language, science, mathematics, computer, art education, and physical education.
In the year 1427 H, the Supreme order was issued to transfer the colleges of teachers from the Ministry of Education to the Ministry of Higher Education. In the year 1428 H, the Council of Ministers approved, at its forty-fifth session, headed by King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz, that the colleges of teachers and colleges of education for female to be transferred to universities and restructured. Then the Teachers College and the College of Education for Female in Hail in its literary and scientific departments were joined to the University of Hail in the year 1428H and were restructured and combined in one college for male and female and renamed as the College of Education. (For more information, see the Encyclopedia of Hail Region, Volume I, 1440 H).

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