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Praise be to Allah, and peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad and his family and companions.

Deanship of Graduate Studies
 at the University of Hail in Was created 1432   as an result of expansion in the number ofgraduate programs offered by the faculties of the university.
The Deanship  has been keen to open graduate programs, so out of our understanding of the message of the university toprovide educational opportunities for post-bachelor's in front of our ambitious youth and to highly prepare and qualify them.
This has been achieved for the University - thanks to God – by the opening of the graduate programs for master's programs in the faculties of (Science - Education - Literature and Arts) and Hail University is seeking to continue to open more graduatestudies programs serving the region and meet all their needs.

One of the objectives
  of our Deanship is the ongoing work and continuing to increase the knowledge and science and their development to the highest level and the preparation of national competencies specialized in various fields that is for their close association with the improvement  of expertise in various scientific fieldswe have sought to provide many services through-our deanship’s Website, We are also pleased to receive your contributions , views and suggestions on everything that serves the graduate studies  to work together on the elevation of our beloved  university.

Dr. Abd- El-Rahman Ben Ibrahim Al-Forayh

Dean of Graduate Studies

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