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Policies and Rules of Lending


Book borrowing is main service that university libraries are provided. This service in other hand evaluates the standard of meeting the beneficiaries' needs and to which extend it achieved its goals.

This service aims to ease the reach of knowledge for faculty members, researchers, students, and non-staff individuals by borrowing them the borrowable books and other materials.


First, the beneficiaries

  1. Faculty members, lecturers and readers at the University of Hail.
  2. Post graduate students.
  3. Registered students.
  4. The university staff.
  5. Non-university staff.
  6. The other university's libraries.
  7. Public and university libraries within KSA, under assigned partnership agreement with the deanship of libraries affairs.
  8. Libraries within Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), as referred in the two parties borrowing protocols.
  9. Any interested candidates get borrowing approval from the university vice-chancellor.


    Second, references not for borrowing

    Non-borrowing materials are as follows:-
  1. Encyclopedias, dictionaries, atlases, annual circulation, guides, bibliographies and biographies.
  2. Manuscripts and official publications.
  3. Rare Books.
  4. Audio-visual records.
  5. Theses and dissertations.
  6. Magazines and daily newspapers.
  7.  Single version books.
  8.  CDs.
  9. Any other materials decided later by deanship of library affairs.


    Third, number and duration of borrowing


    The below table shows the limit of number and duration of borrowing:-

TitlesNumbersDuration "Days"
Faculty members1030
Lecturers, readers and post graduate students 0830


Forth, borrowing's rules and penalties

Borrowing and penalties rules and regulations are as follows:-

  1. Upon given a notification to the borrower to return the borrowed book, even before the said time; he should compile to this notification in less than a week.
  2. Any borrower will be charge 2 SAR daily as a fine for any delays of a borrowed book upon one week of delivering the return notification.
  3. No new books will borrowed to offender with unreturned borrowed book.
  4. Equitable penalty such as "depriving borrowing book for a semester" may rised against a borrower or as deem by the dean of the library affairs.
  5. Losing or damaging of borrowed stuff could oblige the borrower to pay a fine not less than the actual price of the stuff plus 20% for classification and archiving process.
  6. 0.5 SAR will be charged daily/ 3 months maximum to any unreturned on time's volume.
  7. Any book delayed to 3 months beyond the returned date, will be considered as a lost book, borrower will be deemed to pay a fine not less than the actual price of the book plus 20% for classification and archiving process.
  8. Faculty members, lecturers, readers, students, post graduate students and the staff have no right to borrow a book without their Ids.
  9. Unclassified individuals could borrow books after showing his Id and pay a guarantee amount.
  10. Demonstrating a disclaimer is must for all 3 month training nominees, upon cancellation of a semester; work or study.


     ​Fifth, visitors

    Non-staff borrowing regulations:-
  1. Borrower should pay 500 SAR "a refundable amount" upon requesting borrowing service
  2. Borrower should submit a copy of his national ID.
  3. Borrower should submit 2 small copies of his photo.

Borrower should accept any additional suggested by the library management.​

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