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General Secretariat of Researchers Positions

​Comprehensive and sustainable development in all the regions and in all the facilities,, is not an option for us today but it became a prompt and inevitable necessity existing before the decision makers and the people of solution and determination,, it is very necessary on the state institutions and their various sectors; governmental, civil and private to sense the direct developmental responsibility.. Every individual of us must also be effective efficiently and professionally for the real participation in accelerating the wheel and finding the active mobility to achieve a sustainable development in which the man of this part of home or another parts of home is happy,,, and with which we guarantee after granting help and success by Allah achieving the security, progress, evolution and stability of our country and the happiness of its people, residents, visitors and supporters. In order to guarantee success in this important national project, it must be built on a solid and strong basis. 

The birth of the scientific chairs in our Saudi universities came from came too late compared to what is in the West. Most unfortunately, it is still unknown even till this moment in a big number of universities of long experience in the sober scientific research. If we want to have an active and positive development, I think that attributing the regional studies either engineering, social, medical, intellectual, technical or agricultural to the competent faculties and departments in this scientific entities whose role in our modern role exceeds graduating students to do professionally and competently what is settled by the academic traditions (education, scientific research and society service. 

In the time on which I record with all pride and admiration the initiatives and competition of philanthropists on the top of whom is the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques and the Crown Prince of the Secretary and His Highness the Second Deputy may Allah protect and save them and make their steps for the benefit of good and after them a number of Their Royal Highnesses, princes, businessmen and owners of the funds in supporting and financing our specialized and accurate research projects,,,​

I, at the same time, call upon whom are granted by Allah Livelihood and wealth to spend in what would support science and promote the scientific and national guiding and responsible research movement,,, at the same time, I emphasize the importance of the scientific moratorium in guaranteeing the continuity of the movement of study and publishing in our Saudi universities,, knowing that many of the western famous universities depends almost entirely on the voluntary donation and charitable moratorium in their research projects.  

Togetherness, solidarity and cooperation between us, One with his money, another with his high standing, the third with his effort, the fourth with his mind, the fifth with his pen and the sixth…, are the best way to reach a better national future,,, which are the right path to strengthen our global presence on the map of humanitarian donor-ship. At the same time they are the more effective gate to build a positive mental picture about us Saudis for the man of this century who lives with us wherever he is in one room,, affected and affecting with us whether we accept or refuse that. I conclude my word by inviting this wholly gathering to search the suitable frames and contexts to establish a form of the organizational forms which care for the communication, exchange and cooperation operations that support the march of the research chairs and their developmental role in the whole home.

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