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The General Secretary of the Research Chairs


Achieving overall, comprehensive and sustainable development is no longer an option, rather than an inevitable challenge that officials and decisions makers should take. Now, it is a matter of duty that all public and private institutions should take into consideration, the responsibility of the sustainable development. Individuals are as well, expected to take part of this responsibility by doing whatever necessary to boost the achieving of sustainable development that secure luxury to the people, whether in part of this country or in another. This national project must be based on strong basis to ensure that security has maintained, renaissance has achieved, as well, successful development, stability and bringing happiness to this country's citizens, rresidents, friends and visitors.


Unfortunately, although founding of the research chairs in KSA universities was very late compared to the research chairs in the West; yet they are not established in remarkable universities with long experience in scientific research. I believe that assigning all the logical studies whether scientific or social, medical or intellectual, technical or agricultural colleges; including their departments which could currently, do more than just graduating students with professionally and competently performance as academically settled as Education, Research and community service, for sake in achieving advantaged development.


While I am giving attribution to these forensic admirable initiatives and kind philanthropists such as the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Crown Prince and the Crown of the Crown, including number of princes, businessmen and the wealthy men for their generous donation and financing of our research projects. I at the same time, encourage riches to make donation to the national education and the valuables scientific researchers. Following the pattern of many prestige western universities are relying completely on voluntary donations and charitable grants in their research projects; I therefore, simultaneously highlight the significance of the charitable grants to ensure the continuation of the study and publishing process in KSA universities.


Solidarity of all the society's classes is the best way to thrive in the future and it is the right way to make a remarkable and global contribution to humanity. At once, it is the most effective way for making a positive impression to the people, whom are willy-nilly sharing us this world and we are having our impact on them.


Finally, I urge all of you to discuss the issue of establishing appropriate organization that has the mission of communication, interactions and cooperation which help in KSA research chairs' progress.   


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